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I applied for hundreds of roles in the past, always thinking about how the process was nothing but tedious. Quickapply solved all of that for me. Never going back!
Nicole - University of Waterloo Student
I generally spend over 15 hours applying to around 100 applications every recruiting cycle, Quickapply condensed that down to less than ten minutes and was extremely simple to use.
Shravan - UC San Diego Student
Very useful service, definitely felt like a relief after applying to jobs for so long.Every application is just asking for the same information over and over again and your service bypassed all of that for me.
Mark - Stanford Student


Will Quickapply be available in the fall?

Yes! As early as August. If you want to be notified when the fall application opens, message me on Facebook.

Will Quickapply be available for new grads?

Yes! In the fall, as early as August. If you want to be notified when the application opens, message us on Facebook.

Will I need to write cover letters?

Nope. I've selected companies that don't require cover letters.

How long does the order form take?

<30 mins :)

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